Why we only offer Partial COD at Paper Plane Design

Why should you trust us?

We are an established Indian company with a decade-long presence, showcasing an annual turnover exceeding 10 crores INR.

At Paper Plane Design, our track record shines with hundreds of thousands of positive reviews across prominent platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart, embodying our unwavering dedication to delivering premium-grade products.

With a history of fulfilling over 7 million orders, we proudly maintain one of the industry's highest rates of returning customers.

Our thriving partnerships with esteemed brands and corporations are a testament to the trust vested in our commitment to consistently deliver excellence, cementing our reputation as a reliable and dependable entity.

The reason we do not offer full COD:

As an e-commerce enterprise, our commitment revolves around ensuring a seamless and secure shopping journey for our valued customers. While our payment options span credit and debit cards, online transfers, UPI, wallet transfers, and net banking, we consciously refrain from offering Cash on Delivery (COD). This deliberate decision arises from our sincere belief that COD poses inherent risks to both our integrity and your satisfaction with our services.

Unfortunately, COD has been exploited by some competitors who've employed it as a tool to inflict substantial harm on our business. The surge in fraudulent orders could undermine our reputation and erode the trust we diligently strive to foster as a startup aiming to establish a foothold in a competitive market.

One of the primary concerns with COD revolves around the heightened potential for fraudulent transactions. Cash transactions entail a higher likelihood of counterfeit currency, leading to substantial financial setbacks, particularly for fledgling startups navigating tight margins and aiming to expand their customer base. Additionally, the reliance on cash payments could potentially endanger the safety of our delivery personnel, making them susceptible to theft or robbery.

Moreover, COD can impede the swift delivery process. Given that payment is collected upon delivery, there's no preliminary verification, often resulting in customers lacking sufficient funds for the purchase. This leads to delayed deliveries, canceled orders, and customer dissatisfaction.

Beyond these challenges, COD can also prove financially burdensome for businesses due to additional expenses like handling fees, transaction charges, and cash collection fees, which can significantly accumulate over time, particularly for enterprises managing high order volumes.

At Paper Plane Design, our commitment centers on providing a secure, expedited, and hassle-free shopping experience. Our offerings include complimentary shipping and prompt refunds, ensuring utmost satisfaction for our patrons. We firmly believe that by offering secure online payment methods, we can foster trust and deliver an enhanced shopping experience.

In summary, while COD might appear convenient, its risks outweigh the benefits for businesses like ours. Fraud potential, delayed deliveries, and additional costs render it impractical and precarious. Instead, our focus remains on ensuring a secure and efficient shopping journey, aiming to build trust and deliver customer-centric services you can rely on.