Top 10 Best Wedding Return Gift 2022

Sep 15, 2022

It is no secret that the wedding season in India is going on for the whole year around after Covid, so naturally, there are a lot of weddings happening especially the ones happening in your family. And if you are that lucky person who is getting married, I feel for you. 

 Weddings can be a lot of stress, from the outfits to the venue to the decor and the dates. Everything in an Indian wedding especially is a little too extra. Especially if you are the one getting married. The bride and groom themselves have a lot of jitters during their wedding and all the preps just make it 1000000 times more anxious. From the guests' lists to the returns gifts everything is a task, but we are here to relieve you of one such stress which is the wedding gifts by giving you the best, most luxurious options for your premium guests with the most affordable prices you will ever find. 

 Weddings are the perfect occasion to get showered with Love and Gifts! Your lavish wedding festivities are about to conclude, and you are planning to purchase the perfect wedding return gift. Wedding celebrations in India are once-in-a-lifetime events. You want your wedding to be a special occasion, and your guests to remember the return gift as a reminder of an incredible love affair or a souvenir for attending your wedding, after all, big fat Indian weddings are no less than an adventure trip.

Cutlery Stand:

What better gift than something your loved ones get to see every day of their life just sitting there on your very own dining table? A gift needs to fulfil two purposes, one is the look of it and looking at this cutlery stand I can say only one thing ultra-luxurious and the other is the usage of the product and it checks both of them. Who doesn’t need a beautiful Cutlery stand and to give it your own personal touch how about we add tissues with your wedding logo printed on them; classy, right? So choose this cutlery stand for your wedding return gift. 

Cutlery Stand

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Scented Candles:

What is more wedding-like than scented candles with aromatic fragrances? Everyone loves candles, from kids to the elderly. Candles light up the mood of anyone and bring a sense of calm. What is better than regular scented candles? Scented candles with soy wax, are good for the environment, pocket friendly and last longer than any non-soy candle. These pastel-coloured, soy candles would make for a perfect wedding return gift not just for their fragrance but also because of your luxurious looks, a bonus to it is you can keep some for yourself if there are a few left and use them. Personalise your wedding logo packaging on your gifting bags and you are good to go. 

Scented Candles


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Stylish wooden wall clock:

Since we are talking about a souvenir of your wedding festivities for your guests, what sounds better than a stylish Wall clock? Not just any clock, wait for it, nope no glass, no plastic, no ceramic but a clock made of and designed on wood. Trust me anyone who looks at this wedding return gift will not just love it but also appreciate it because wall clocks are one of those neglected pieces in our homes that no one cares to change for years, but this return gift would be a good excuse for your guests to get up and change that century-old wall clocks in their rooms. 

Stylish wooden wall clock

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Wall Shelf: 

Okay, you got me this sounds like a very odd wedding gift, but hear me out. This is not just any regular wall shelf that’s going to take up extra space in your room, it is one of a kind hexagon-shaped 3 wooden wall Shelf that you can hang anywhere to decorate your room. The best part, it’s very compact and also it acts as a pop of colour in your room and livens up the space. Now tell me which guests would not be happy receiving such a unique wedding gift from their hosts; I know I would love to receive one of these for my room. 

Wall Shelf

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Premium serving tray set:

Why does a serving tray set make a good return gift for your guests? First, it is completely handmade in India by our very own craftsmen using the most premium quality wood. Second, it is as versatile as it can get. Your guests can use it according to any occasion. Inviting guests for a dinner party? BOOM!! Serve your starters in these to make them feel special. Hosting a cocktail party? Use them to serve cocktails. Have a get-together with the same guests? Repurpose it as a centrepiece for your desk and decorate it with books and stationery. Now tell me this won’t be something your guests will appreciate and use for years. 

Premium serving tray set

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Wooden Napkin Holder: 

Are you tired of placing those paper boxes with different brand names printed on them for your At home parties? If yes, how would you like to add an edge to the regular tissue boxes and mix it up with something sure to turn the eyes? I have got a perfect piece just for you. This wooden tissue box is not just strong, durable and affordable but also is handcrafted with different prints by our very own Indian craftsmen to give it a slightly edgy look. 

Wooden Napkin Holder

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Wood and resin Coasters:

What is the first thing we do when we wake up from deep sleep? Exercise? Naah! Read? Nope... Drink the beverage of our choice whether it’s tea or coffee. Most of us prefer to have our tea and coffee in bed and for that everyone needs coasters. Who would want to spoil their bedsheets or the furniture with tea cups? I am sure your guests wouldn’t want to be a victim of that and neither would you so we have something that would make a perfect return gift for all your elite guests. A set of resin wooden coasters to add to your premium tea set. 

Wood and resin Coasters

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Wooden Planters: 

Wedding return gifts are something that needs to be special, unique and has some life. What better gift than a plant with an ethnic patterned wooden planter to bring a smile to your guests who took out time from their busy schedules to celebrate your love? A plant signifies life and the planter resembles love and together both unite and become a union making each other better just like a marriage. 

Wooden Planters

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One of the most important days of your life is your wedding, and you want everyone close to you there. To be a part of your wedding, people travel in from wherever they are, miss work, or put off their holiday. A perfect wedding return gift would be the ideal way to show them how much you appreciate their coming to your special day. This will make your elite guests feel valued, unique, and most importantly, loved because you went above and beyond to make them feel special.

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