Is Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting Good for Living Room Wall Decor?

Jul 14, 2023

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, is believed to bring harmony, balance, and positive energy to a living space. It emphasizes the placement and arrangement of various elements to create a conducive environment that promotes well-being and prosperity. Many people consider incorporating Vastu principles to enhance the energy flow within their living spaces when it comes to home decor. One popular choice for wall decor is the Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting. Let's explore whether it's a suitable option for your living room.

The Symbolism of the Peacock in Vastu Shastra

Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting

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In Vastu Shastra, the peacock holds significant symbolism. It represents grace, beauty, and abundance. The vibrant colours of a peacock, especially its mesmerizing feathers, are believed to bring positive vibrations and attract good fortune into a space. The peacock is also associated with love, harmony, and prosperity, making it an auspicious symbol in Vastu.

Enhancing Energy with Wall Decor

Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting

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Wall decor is vital in creating an aesthetically pleasing and energetically balanced living room. It can transform a plain wall into a focal point, infusing the space with character and charm. According to Vastu principles, selecting suitable artwork is essential to enhance a room's positive energy flow. With its symbolic significance and vibrant colours, the Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting can be a compelling choice for your living room wall decor.

Selecting the Perfect Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting

Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting

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When choosing a Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting for your living room, consider the following factors:

  1. Size and Placement: Select a canvas size that suits your wall dimensions and ensure it's appropriately placed as per Vastu guidelines. The painting should be positioned at eye level, preferably on a north or east-facing wall for optimal energy flow.
  2. Colour Palette: The colours in the painting should harmonize with the overall colour scheme of your living room. The vibrant blues, greens, and yellows of a peacock's feathers can add a refreshing touch to your space.
  3. Artistic Style: Explore different artistic styles of peacock paintings, such as realistic, abstract, or contemporary, and choose the one that resonates with your taste and complements your existing decor.

Transforming Your Living Room with Positive Energy

Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting

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Integrating a Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting into your living room wall decor can have several benefits:

  1. Positive Vibes: The peacock's vibrant colours and symbolic significance can infuse your living room with positive vibrations, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Beauty and Aesthetics: The majestic and graceful appearance of peacocks can add a touch of elegance and beauty to your living room, becoming a captivating focal point.
  3. Abundance and Prosperity: According to Vastu Shastra, the peacock is associated with abundance and prosperity. You may invite these qualities into your living space by incorporating a Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting.

Maintaining Vastu Principles in Your Living Room

To maximize the positive impact of a Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting, consider the following Vastu principles for your living room:

  1. Declutter: To promote a smooth energy flow, keep your living room clean and free from unnecessary clutter.
  2. Lighting: Ensure sufficient natural and artificial lighting in the room, allowing the painting to be adequately illuminated.
  3. Balance and Harmony: Arrange your furniture and decor items in a balanced and harmonious manner, considering the principles of Vastu for furniture placement.


Incorporating Vastu principles into your living room decor can create a harmonious and energized living space. A Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting can be an excellent choice for wall decor, combining art's beauty with the peacock's positive symbolism. With its vibrant colours and symbolic significance, it has the potential to uplift the energy in your living room and create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Consider the size, placement, colour palette, and artistic style when selecting the perfect Peacock Vastu Canvas Painting for your living room. Embrace the essence of Vastu Shastra and transform your living space into a haven of positive energy, abundance, and harmony.

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