How to wallpaper behind radiators?

Dec 22, 2022

Ever wondered how to wallpaper behind radiators? The answer to this question depends on the type and shape of your radiator. If you have a standard radiator, then it is likely that wallpaper can be attached to the front or back of your radiator using thermal adhesive. This type of adhesive will allow you to stick the paper directly to the metal surface of the radiator. 

However, if you have a more unusual shaped radiator with curved edges, attaching wallpaper to it might not be as straightforward. In this case, you might need to find a different type of adhesive specifically designed for wall mounting surfaces like radiators. Once you have found the bond and ready your wallpaper, all you need to do is stick it to the back of the radiator and then screw it in place. If you have any questions or difficulties mounting wallpaper behind radiators, don't hesitate to contact a tradesperson. They will be able to help you out and find the best way to achieve the look that you are going for.

The three types of radiators

Ever before wondered just how to wallpaper behind radiators? The response to this question depends on the type and your radiator's form. So the first thing we'd like to do today is to introduce you to the fundamental sorts of radiators. Radiators can be grouped right into three various standard kinds or designs.

Ribbed or sectional radiators

Most of us know the view of ribbed radiators. They are the typical key in older buildings yet are likewise commonly used in brand-new builds due to their variable expandability. These radiators consist of specific aspects which can be integrated into individual needs.

Tubular radiators

Contain slim tubes which can be organized vertically/horizontally or in several rows.

The wall is visible through the spaces between the tubes and the linking elements. This is why walls behind ribbed and tubular radiators are typically pictured from the ceiling to the flooring to develop a unified total picture.

Panel radiators and convectors

Offer an also merged look, i.e., there are no spaces whereby the wall surface would be visible. These designs are very flat, so wallpapering behind them would be difficult. We advise using the wallpaper on all sides (yet not behind) for these radiators.

General Information for wallpapering behind and along radiators

If you intend to wallpaper behind a radiator, turn it off and let it cool. Or else the wallpaper will also dry promptly, which has an unfavorable impact on the glue stamina. The same holds for pictures along the sides of radiators.

Radiators are often set up below windows, ensuring the best warm circulation. Nevertheless, this isn't necessarily always the instance, and also, in modern housing styles, radiators are commonly placed at various heights on wall surfaces without windows. The adhering to directions explains the process of using wallpaper around radiators placed under windows or on walls without windows for every radiator type.

Ribbed and tubular radiators: Cut individual strips and apply them to the wall behind the radiator

Under Windows

Step the size from the bottom side of the window (window sill) to the floor. Currently, mark this dimension (plus about 4 cm overlap at the top and also base) on your wallpaper. Make sure the pattern is aligned with the last size of the wallpaper. Now measure from the floor to the top side of the radiator, adding approximately 10 cm. Put the determining tape to the cutline of the wallpaper length and mark the area representing the height from flooring to radiator (plus overlap). If you're working with paper-based material, fold the wallpaper (after pasting it) to this place after the standard soaking time. Cut the bottom half of approximately the folded-up area right into strips of concerning 10 centimeters size. For non-woven wallpapers, mark the very same place at the rear of the wallpaper, and after that, reduce the strips ultimately to the noting.

Use the wallpaper on the wall based on the usual. Once you succeed with the radiator, unravel each strip separately and also press it versus the wall surface behind the radiator, utilizing a wallpaper roller with a lengthy deal. Currently, approach the wallpaper through televisions from the front to the end of the process. Using your fingers, attempt to very carefully relocate the cutting lines in the direction of each other for as long as possible. Then remove the overlaps by the windowsill, floor, or skirting boards with your cutter knife.

On walls without windows

Cut a whole length from the ceiling to the flooring. You must gauge the elevation from the bottom to the top edge of the radiator and include 10 centimeters. Now mark your length of wallpaper appropriately. All additional steps correspond to wallpapering behind radiators on wall surfaces with home windows.


If you feel brave, why not attempt steering the size of wallpaper all at once (without cutting strips into it) behind the radiator? For this process, you will certainly need to push the wallpaper down little by little and afterward takedown via the gaps at the front of the radiator. But be careful to stay clear of ripping the wallpaper.

Panel radiators and fixed Convectors: Backgrounding towards the edges of the radiator.

Under Windows

Cut your wallpaper representing the length of the all-time low of the windowsill to the top of the radiator plus 10 centimeters (bear in mind to match the pattern with the last size of wallpaper you used). Press the brief size onto the wall behind the radiator, factoring in the 10 cm overlap. You can use a painter's brush with extended care or your fingers.

On walls without windows

Proceed precisely as you would on a wall surface with home windows, the only distinction being possible variations in the measurements for your size(s) of wallpaper.

Currently, repeat for the next size of the wallpaper, which will cover the location from the floor to the bottom of the radiator. Again, remember your 10-centimeters overlap. Currently, add the side parts in the same manner (10 cm overlap) behind the radiator, not forgetting the pattern suit. On the top and the lower side of the radiator, cut the wallpaper with your scissors far enough to fold it quickly.

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