How to celebrate Karva Chauth Vrat for new brides or to-be brides

Karva Chauth is a one-day celebration commemorated by married women or to be brides In India. In this quick, no food or water is eaten for a big part of the day. Ladies pray for the welfare as well as long life of their other halves today and also if you are a brand-new bride-to-be or commemorating this event alone in your home without any support after that below is something aspects of the event that you have to recognize together with your overview step by step Puja procedure.

Karva Chauth Vrat

The Rituals:

This festival is mostly complied with in the northern parts of the country. Ladies eat food early in the early morning, before sunup. They are not supposed to eat or drink water during the day. At night the girls pay attention to the Karva Chauth Katha. The quick is over after the moonrise. The mother-in-law should prepare the 'Sargi' and give it to her Daughter In Legislation. 'Sargi' described a vermicelli dessert. 'Sargi' can likewise consist of a range of food products like fruits, sugary foods, milk, seviyaan, puri, as well as kachoris. Onions and also Garlic need not be made use of in the active ingredients.

karva Chauth Vrat

Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi (Morning):

  • Always maintain a positive, tranquil, and also delighted state of mind during the day of Karva Chauth. It will certainly get easy to complete the challenging rapid effectively. Adhere to These Tips In The Early morning:
  • On the day of Karva Chauth wake up 2-3 hrs before daybreak( around 3.30 to 4). Have 'Sargi' before dawn. Consume lots of water. The fasting phase starts with sunup.
  • Gown yourself in standard wear, Apply cosmetics like Henna, Sindoor, as well as Bindi which represent your marriage status.

Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi (Mid-day):

  • Around 4 p.m. in the mid-day, cordon a little square area beside a vertical wall surface inside or outside your house. In the middle of the location make a Swastik mark with Turmeric.
  • Against the Vertical wall, position the Calendar of Karva Chauth. It contains depictions of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, Lord Kartik, as well as Lord Ganesha. This is the image that is worshiped throughout the following ritual.
  • On a plate, position the Puja products like Roli (red Chandan), Mouli (spiritual thread), Haldi powder (turmeric powder), a glass of clean water or a glass of milk, clean betel leave, as well as a betel nut.
  • Area the karva in the facility of the Swastik mark that you had made and also fill it with water or milk. Additionally, you can also insert money coins made from metals right into the Karwa.
  • Currently close the top of the Karva with its cover and over the cover place grains of wheat as well as sugar. Instead of sugar, you can also position 14 Maal-puas on it.
  • Apply the Roli to the Karva and also connect the Mouli around the neck.
  • If you are doing this Puja alone after that make another Karva. Location this 2nd Karva next to the image of Karva Chauth. This Karva comes from Siren Parvati.
  • Dip the Mango leaves right into the glass of water/milk and also utilize it to sprinkle a few of the fluids onto the image of Karva Chauth.
  • Currently apply Roli (i.e. red Chandan) to the images of Gods on the Karva Chauth schedule. Spray some Akshat and Haldi on the Photo.
  • The following step is to trade your Karva with the Karva of the female seated next to you. As you pass your karva to another female, say these words-- "Karva le karva le sada suhaagan karva le. Karva le karva le saat bhai ki behen karva le. Karva le karva le saat putron ki maa karva le.".
  • The following step is to do a recitation of the tale of Karva Chauth, additionally called 'Karva Chauth Katha'. Preferably, the earliest lady in the group must state this story. Note that some sources explain only one story while others define numerous tales one after another.
  • While listening to the tale, you should hold some raw rice grains in your hands.
  • When the story-telling session is completed, maintain both the karvas apart as well as donate them to a nearby temple.

Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi (Evening):

  • At night, you can be dressed up like a new bride-to-be in heavy clothing.
  • Arrange the Pooja Samigri (Prayer for the moon). You will certainly require A little pot of tidy water. A plate with fruits, sweets, salted food things, money, a tiny bowl of 'Akshat' (raw rice grains), Roli (red Chandan), Haldi (turmeric), as well as a little Diya. A round sieve.
  • Once the moon climbs in the sky, light the Diya on a plate and also note that your spouse should accompany you during this ritual.
  • Venerate the Moon God by making symbolic offerings.
  • Now via the circular sieve consider the Moon and then at your hubby.
  • Now your husband break your fast by first offering you some of the water from the pot.
Karva Chauth Vrat

The routines are now total as well as you can consume food. Hope this helps you. Satisfied Fasting!!


Celebrating Karva Chauth is a joyful event. Yet, it is also very significant as some life cycles get fulfilled today. The Puja procedure we discussed above can help you to keep everything in the right track and make this day unforgettable for everyone present at your home. Are you ready to plunge into the rituals of Karva Chauth? Leave a comment down below and share how it went!

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