How to beautify stairs with wallpaper?

Dec 24, 2022

Stairs are one of the most common areas where wallpaper can be used to make a big impact. A good way to start beautifying your stairs is by choosing a contemporary or classic design that will fit in with the rest of your home. You can also choose a specific theme for staircases, such as nursery-inspired designs or coastal motifs. Alternatively, you could go for an all-over pattern that will add life and color to the area.
Once you have chosen your design, it's time to think about how you want the wallpaper to look on top of the steps. If you want it to be easy to apply and removable when required, opt for self-adhesive vinyl Wall Papers. However, if you want more control over how the wallpaper looks once installed, choose canvas prints or metallic wallpapers. Either way, ensure that you measure carefully before making any purchases so that everything fits perfectly!

Upcycle stairs

Staircases are among the most vital elements of a house, their useful purpose being the connection between one flooring and one more. But that does not suggest that their layout and appearance should be disregarded, as they are in our field of vision daily - enough reason to give stairs that have seen far better days a wonderful make-over.

Formed wallpaper offers an excellent aesthetic emphasis, and innovative designers have a myriad of possibilities to truly let the artistic juices circulation, for example, with wallpaper cut-offs or scraps in numerous patterns and colors, to create beautiful artwork. When it involves beautifying items with wallpaper, just like all interior decoration, the suggestion is that the layout will complement the setting in a harmonious and appealing fashion. Do not hesitate to experiment, but consider that the design must thrill you every day and requires to be adapted to the general style of the instant atmosphere.

Wallpaper is just put on tip risers, not step footsteps. Stairs constantly include action risers as well as tip footsteps. The tread is the surface area you step on; the action riser is the area directly in front; we will certainly call it "front face" in our guidelines.

Our guidelines contain information on how to wallpaper the step risers. Some images in our instructions are identical to those in the short article "Exactly how to enhance furnishings with wallpaper." The factor is that a few of the processes are likewise the same. You won't be able to put the steps on your trestle table! You'll have to operate in situ. This note is to conserve you from feasible disappointment!

Measuring the front face of steps

First, you need to gauge the front face of the steps flat and up and down and apply them to your wallpaper.

Prepare wooden steps by sanding them down.

To achieve the best possible adhesion, the front face must be sanded down and cleaned.

Apply wallpapering paste to the front face surface

The application of backgrounding paste depends upon what kind of wallpaper you select. For non-woven wallpapers, you use wallpaper paste straight to the front face of the wooden step.

Pre-Cut wallpaper and mount

Cut the wallpaper according to your measurements and apply it utilizing a spatula. Relocate from the inside out to let air escape and prevent bubbles.

For paper-based wallpapers, initially cut the wallpaper items; after that, apply the paste to the paper and allow it to saturate according to the instructions on your wallpapering paste product packaging. Using the wallpaper for the action is the same as non-woven wallpaper kinds.

For action risers made from polished natural stone like marble or granite, we advise utilizing double-sided adhesive tape as wallpaper paste will not stay with those surfaces. Use the tape sideways of the front face (see the picture in our guideline Just how to embellish furnishings with wallpaper), then very carefully place the wallpaper piece onto one side and also gradually carry it on onto the other side, making use of a spatula to avoid air bubbles and folds.

Apply a layer of transparent latex paint to protect the wallpaper

 The freshly enhanced steps are secured with a layer of clear latex paint as a finishing touch. This ensures that your stunning brand-new stairs will stay pure for a very long time; the dust can not stick to them, and they are additionally secured against discoloration.

It also suggests that you can customarily wipe the staircases with a wet towel.

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