How Seven Horse Painting Vastu Brings Success and Prosperity to Your Home?

Apr 14, 2023

Seven Horses Painting: Significance And Benefits

In the fast-paced world we live in; success is a coveted goal. However, the desired outcomes may not materialize despite one's best efforts. It is important to understand that this does not indicate inadequate effort. To succeed, one must have faith in Karma and maintain good health and vitality. According to Vastu, energy can either be positive or negative. A seven-horse painting is believed to bring stability and swiftness to one's life by harnessing positive energy. You might be curious about why exactly seven galloping horses are depicted in such paintings.

7 Horses Vastu Canvas Painting

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7 is considered a significant and fortunate number, as evident from various cultural references. The rainbow, for instance, displays seven distinct hues. Hindu weddings involve the exchange of seven vows by the bride and groom, while the seven sages (saptarishi) of ancient India also hold the number in high esteem. The seven-horse painting is no exception to this belief and is attributed with numerous advantages. This article aims to delve into the various aspects of this artwork and its significance.


In the Hindu religion, the God Surya is depicted as riding a chariot pulled by seven horses, lending immense significance to these animals. This is reflected in the Vastu philosophy, where the seven-horse painting holds a special place. The painting serves as a powerful representation of success and strength, with the horse being an embodiment of these qualities. Incorporating the painting into one's living space is believed to attract positive energy while negative energy is repelled. As per Shastra, the seven horses in the painting symbolize advancement and achievement, creating a harmonious balance of power within the household and ushering in progress and prosperity.


7 Horses Vastu Canvas Painting

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  • The running horses are an indication of speed. Speed plays a significant role in this busy world where everybody wants to be triumphant. On hanging this painting, one can observe how quickly they can complete any work of their life.
  • The horses are also representative of success. So this seven-horse painting ensures success in all fields of one’s life.
  • This seven-horse painting direction in the home brings financial stability to a person’s life.
  • The horses symbolize courage, speed and endurance in Feng Shui. Therefore, it brings fortune.
  • In addition, the painting of 7 horses in a chariot with Lord Surya is esteemed to be even more auspicious and fetches good luck.

Where To Place It?

To maximize the benefits of the auspicious seven horse painting, it is recommended to hang it on the East wall of the house. Alternatively, it can also be placed on the North wall, as it is believed to enhance one's chances of success and wealth in the service sector. Ideally, the painting should be on the South side, as it is said to bring recognition and fame. However, if this is not feasible, positioning it in front of a window can be a viable option, as it allows the painting to face outward through the window, still attracting positive energy into the space.

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