Difference Between Traditional And Modern Diwali

Oct 14, 2022

The excitement of Diwali is apparent. Yet how has this celebration which marks the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, transformed throughout the years? A look into Diwali - Then, Now as well as Beyond!

A sky contains fireworks, a mouth loaded with sugary foods, a residence full of diyas, and a heart loaded with joy. Wanting you and also your family a Satisfied Diwali. The event period is on in full swing! Diwali is simply around the bend as well as the exhilaration is apparent. You can almost listen to the crackers, scent the fragrance of ghee-soaked sweets, and see the hoarding-shrieking Diwali and Diwali below!

Diwali celebration with family

This is also an excellent time to pause and contemplate. Do you often think back concerning the time passed and also how houses made use of to celebrate Diwali differently? Or question exactly how it would certainly be in the future? Read on to have a roller-coaster flight to the past, then the present, and right into the future! It's Diwali, after that, now, and also beyond.

Preparations for D - Day

While old-timers sigh that the celebration has also become industrial - let's run you through what moms and dads think about Diwali, the event which notes the triumph of excellent over evil. Below is precisely how even preparations for the festival of light over darkness changed over the years. Allow's to run down memory lane again.


Several moms and dads agree that things were much easier in the past.

  • Desserts and savories were ready days in advance at home, together as family members.
  • The member of the family all got brand-new clothing for the event
  • Homes were given a whitewash in towns, and old things were thrown away. Many believed that -Goddess Lakshmi goes to only the tidy houses, which is the reason a detailed cleaning of the hearth and home was also done
  • Tabs would undoubtedly be paid to buy a sizable quantity of crackers. And also, kids unaware of the air pollution angle took excellent satisfaction in showing off their Diwali firecrackers.


Diwali these days is everything about discount rates, sales, mela, and house parties!

  • Nowadays orders for sweets might be outsourced to the nearby pleasant mart
  • Cleaning solutions could be employed for a bit of clean sweep, or maids would undoubtedly be paid added to do a bit of cleaning
  • New garments are extra governed by sales as opposed to festivals
  • Bursting crackers - with all the air pollution it produces - several parents are pulling out. Some children are even urging parents not to buy any firecrackers, as they are becoming more aware of the air pollution it triggers. Colleges likewise motivate students to observe eco-friendly Diwali.
  • Sales should have a unique reference, for this is one point our generation looks forward to. Be it garments, residence design, or electronics - Diwali Dhamaka sales are the moment to splurge.
cleaning the tiles

It's all about the Money


In the old days - several employed Indian family members anticipated the Diwali incentive - which made use of a substantial amount. Many prominent family members' economic choices were based on and completed during the Diwali bonus.


But nowadays, rewards have been changed with Amazon.com gift cards or vouchers. In international business, appraisal cycles are different - as well as Diwali rewards have come to be a tokenism - a box of kishmish, sugary foods, or chocolates by your company as well as suppliers. Yet don't be shocked if the housekeeping team in your flat, the doodhwala, and other people you may have never satisfied - appear with bright smiles for Diwali baksheesh.

gift card for diwali

Family Time


Diwali is the moment for household events and paying social contact with pals and loved ones with sweets and savories.


Family time has altered for many years. As youngsters' institutional holidays are timed along with Diwali - several moms and dads utilize the break to plan trips. What can be more exotic than commemorating Diwali in a gorgeous location?

Likewise, the meaning of household has altered over the generations - with the increase of nuclear families and Indian families spread across the world - parties are not confined to family members. You locate many flats, residential communities, temples, and Indian clubs collaborating to commemorate Diwali and other events. The best part is that individuals learn about the nuances of different societies and practices - how the same event may be celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Bihar, and even Indonesia. It has to do with opening your heart and also mind. Buddies can be family too!

celebration of Diwali with family

Whatever occurred to the Introduction Card custom?


A big part of the Diwali custom for lots of was sending Diwali welcoming cards. The love of purchasing cards, composing an individual note, and afterward, the address ahead with a stamp on the edge and also, lastly, a journey to the post office no longer exists.


Phone and the internet have killed this tradition. At first, there were SMS greetings. A gradual shift to e-mails was observed, as well as nowadays, and it's just Whatsapp messages. Any holiday sees a barrage of holiday introductions on your WhatsApp team - some are imaginative, cute, and amusing, but sometimes it simply feels mechanical and impersonal. What goes around occurs and is usually a tired Whatsapp message.

Diwali wishes by message

Diyas or e-Diyas?


There is no view that is more spiritual than shimmering little lights throughout homes during Diwali. Lights, little terracotta lights with a bit of oil and a wick, have been a universal festival practice. It is a tradition that has boiled down through the ages. It is said that diyas were lit at every home to light the way to make sure that Lord Ram might return with his wife Sita and also brother Lakshman safely from Lanka to Ayodhya after beating Ravana.


But innovation has spread its tentacle below. These days you have battery-operated diyas - they appear like a wick yet are a little light bulb. Many suggest that these new-age lights are better - as they can also endure the wind.

But numerous moms and dads, activity groups, and colleges are revitalizing the terracotta lights' traditions. Diya-making, as well as paint classes, are aplenty. No one stated modern technology and also practice can not go together!

fairy lights

Crackers - A cracka-alacka time - or is it?


No Diwali tale from childhood years is complete without a reference to crackers. Which other festival has blossom pots, buchakaras, sparklers, and patakas? Seriously - what could be extra fun for adults and also children?


Yet nowadays, youngsters have even more awareness concerning the noise, air, and land contamination that crackers cause and the scare that loud crackers cause to pets, infants, and senior citizens.

Though there are crackers, such as green crackers, that discharge less smoke, many children have chosen to remain free from getting crackers.

a women holding a firecracker


It is the age of modern technology and products. How will this transform our tryst with Diwali? How do you believe future generations would commemorate Diwali? Like, claim in 2100 ...

Imagine this:

  • Your community kids congregate and enjoy electronic firecrackers on their tablets, with minimal audio and no smoke.
  • With teleporting, your relatives from the U.S.A. are right here for the Diwali parties for the night, all it takes is to press the one-touch switch for them to travel from side to side.
  • With virtual reality (VIRTUAL REALITY) gadgets, you can view and also really feel the Diwali parties around the globe.
  • No need for intricate Diwali specials. You require to stand out a pill that is noted as Diwali unique. The medicine would undoubtedly allow you to enjoy all the tastes of Diwali delicacies and make you complete.
  • Before Diwali, you duplicate yourself so you can be present at multiple places - say goodbye to pouting friends and family. Perhaps ask your clones to visit your snoopy loved ones while you relax with your pals.
  • You are playing Diwali unique card games on a cloud-based device and earning BITCOINS instead of cash.
  • You check your teen's activities throughout the Diwali celebration via a micro-mini tool grown in his hair. As he is about to delight in any dangerous task with a firecracker, it signals you and provides him with a migraine as a caution.

Whether you are a die-hard reactionary or a new-age funky ape, apwith fire, and have an excellent Diwali!

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