9 Meaningful Gift options for your Mom to make her feel special 

Sep 1, 2022

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think about home? Come on it’s not that difficult. Okay, let me say what I think. For me, Home is Mom and Mom is home and it’s always been like that. Whether it was coming back home from school and calling out her name or when you hurt yourself and you needed her or when you get back late from work after having a long hard day.

Mom has always been there for us unconditionally and there is no one that could be as special to any of us, so why not we get her something that will make her feel special and loved? 
I know it gets difficult choosing what to get your mom because we always believe they have everything. From clothes to jewellery nothing comes to our mind. Let’s think outside the box for a second and see what she will appreciate more. Most mothers spend most hours of the day at home and what if we could make that home a little special for her? You must have guessed already what I am hinting at and yes it is something luxurious for her home, something that she can look at and love and also something that will remind her of you. 

I am talking about Wall Art which will not just make your Special Woman Happy but also Make your Home luxurious and beautiful. Now, what do you call getting two things at the price of one? Smart or extremely smart. It’s up to you to guess that. But let us help you by giving you the world’s best options in Luxury Wall arts that are nothing short of statement pieces. Let’s start with the most special one. 

1. Luxury Canvas Wall Art:

 What screams luxury more than Abstract designs? NOTHING !! And do you know whats the best part about this High-end Emerald Abstract Canvas Wall Art? you can use this to decorate any one of your rooms. From the living room to your powder room or even just your bathroom it can light up any room where you set it. 

 Luxury Canvas Wall Art

Buy Abstract Canvas Wall Art

2. Landscapes:

 Mountains have these amazing views with amazing waterfalls and what if we could bring both of them to life in one single piece of wall art? Wouldnt that make for a perfect gift and a perfect view to calm our scenic senses? I am sure you are screaming a big fat yes in your brain. This is exactly why Landscape wall art could be an amazing gift for your mom and also a wonderful add-on to your home. 

 Luxury Waterfall Mountain Canvas Wall Art

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 3. Moroccan patterns:

 Moroccan Mandala art is all the rage right now and what could be a better gift for mom than art that can be customised according to our needs and are versatile to use? Yes, you heard it right. You can use these Mandala Moroccan arts to decorate not just the walls of your beautiful home but also to give colourful life to the stairs of your home or be a statement piece on your bathroom tiles. not just that you can also use these to liven up your wardrobes and storage units. Mothers have spent their lives being versatile in every way we can think of and its 100 per cent that they will love a gift which can be used in more than one single way. So what are you waiting for click the link below to make your Mom feel as special as she truly is? 

 Moroccan patterns

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 4. Religious Wall Art:

 What is the thing that Mothers love to do? Take Care of their children? Yes sure but what else? My wild guess is to pray for their children and how about if I tell you that we can give them just one more reason for their religious side? How you ask? with this beautiful wall art of Lord Shiva for the walls of your home. So now anywhere you look there is not just art that decorates your room but also you have lord Almighty looking out for everyone in your wonderful home. 


Religious Wall Art


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 5. Wildlife Photographic Art:

 Animal Lovers out there, this is a call out for you. We surround ourselves with the things and people we love and so do our mothers. So for any wildlife fanatic, this would make a perfect gift. These floating frames give us not just one but different wildlife in their natural habitat which is a sight for sore eyes and which also reminds us of the thing we love the most, ANIMALS period. 

 Wildlife Photographic Art

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 6. Nature Lovers Wall Art:

Now there are a lot of people who claim to love the greenery and nature in its natural form and yet their homes have this missing piece which doesnt depict the passion each one has for the living things around us. This Floating painting of nature not just adds colour to your pale walls but also is depicting calming effect for you as a whole. 


Nature Lovers Wall Art


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7. Globetrotter Wall Art:

For the past 2 years, travelling has become a luxury for most of us, some get to do it and some dont. Its rather difficult for sacrificing creatures like our mothers to travel and fulfil their dreams. What if we could give them a part of their dream to look up to every single day with this beautiful yet luxurious piece of wall art, nothing makes a person happier than to see their dreams in front of their eyes every single day of their lives and making sure they work hard to fulfil them One Day”

 Globetrotter Wall Art

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 8. Vaastu Wall Art:

 Our Indian homes are built with not just bricks and cement but also with beautiful architecture a lot of prayers and the most important of them is THE VASTU. According to vast a house becomes a home from the energy it emits to the people who live in that and this energy is determined by various factors including the shape, colour, and format of objects including the placements of them too. Seven Running Horses painting according to Vastu when placed in the right direction of the home can manifest growth, peace and happiness for all

 Vaastu Wall Art

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 9. Modern Wall Art:

Modern art as it is said depicts a lot of our personality through the bold choice of colours and monochromatic designs. Modern art is the essence of our complex thoughts and emotions and can be both calming and loud according to the energy we depict not to forget modern art is vivid and can liven up the room it's placed in making it a perfect gift for mom. 

 Modern Wall Art

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Mothers do not expect anything from us but we sure can give them something to let them know how special they are to us without actually saying it, after all, love is all of us need. 

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