Diwali Traditions Have Changed Across Indian families in 5 ways

Oct 13, 2022

Diwali is celebrated all over the country and is a festival noted for its different traditions. The Diwali traditions include a yearly cleansing of your home, bursting of crackers, and exchanging sweets. Nevertheless, in current times, Diwali practices have undergone several adjustments. In our ever-changing globe, Diwali traditions are regularly being updated and also updated. While our ancestral origins stay undamaged, the method we express them has altered. Below are five ways modern-day families improvise on Diwali traditions of the past.

Diwali celebration with family

Eco-Conscious Diwali Traditions

A big part of Diwali customs has always been about lighting diyas and bursting crackers. Households get together in the evening with their kids to burst a selection of crackers. However, with the altering times, people are opting out of the custom of bursting firecrackers. Today's generation is much more knowledgeable about the injury that firecrackers cause to the atmosphere. The suggestion of 'eco-friendly crackers' or environmentally friendly firecrackers that have been available after the High court restriction on crackers is quickly catching up.

fire crackers

Today's generation is much more aware of firecrackers' injury to the environment. The suggestion of 'eco-friendly crackers' or green firecrackers that have been available after the Supreme Court restriction on crackers is fast catching up.

eco-friendly crackers

Say goodbye to Diyas.

Today, individuals are much busier than before. They value benefit over everything else. Therefore, there has been a considerable shift from mud lights and diyas to electrical lamps and fairy lights. The reasons are aplenty: mud lamps with oil and wick are usually harmful, specifically with children in your house. Not just are electrical lights much safer, yet they are likewise hassle-free. Attractive lights come in an innumerable variety, and individuals often prefer to use them because of their ease of use and convenience.

fairy light for diwali

Diwali Greetings

Exchanging desserts or mithai has always been one of the essential Diwali traditions. While in the past, ladies made use of to make these desserts by themselves, we favor buying desserts currently instead, primarily since it is convenient. More notably, cakes, brownies, cookies, and chocolates have replaced traditional Indian mithai. They not only have a longer life span but also look even more enticing with attractive packaging and presentation.

Diwali Greetings

Visiting people the day after the event with gifts has long become redundant. Individuals hardly have time, and typically, they must go back to service the day after. Diwali dreams are traded on Whatsapp instead in a technology-driven era like ours. Photos and videos flood our inboxes as digital introductions change the custom of most likely going to somebody's house to desire them a pleased Diwali.

cookies on a plate

Different Decluttering

The cleansing of our homes is very much a Diwali tradition. Individuals used to get together with the entire household to make the house look spick and span. However, today, we are much less likely to cleanse our houses by ourselves. Cleaning-up solutions offered by applications have made the job much easier and faster. Not only do we clean our residences, but also 'detox' our bodies and minds. Throughout Diwali, spas and retreat facilities also rush to supply wellness discount rates.

cucumber pack for detox

Rangolis Without Rang

One very treasured Diwali tradition was always making the rangoli. As a result of lack of time, and likewise for the love of benefit, rangolis are almost obsolete in several houses. They have been changed by sticker rangolis. The flowers or the tinted powders are considered a hassle, and prefabricated stickers are found conveniently out there as an alternative.

Rangoli design sticker

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The way how we celebrate Diwali has been transformed over the years. While some of the traditions are kept as they were, others have undergone drastic changes. For example, in recent times people have started spending quality time with family and friends. In fact, there is a rise in a number of events where you can hang out with like-minded individuals for sharing great moments and celebrating the festival together!

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