5 Things At Your Main Gate Can Bring Prosperity And Wealth

Oct 7, 2022

 Your main gate is one of the main entrances to your property. It's responsible for protecting your property from the outside world and facilitating the flow of people and goods in and out. Consequently, it's important to make sure that your gate is properly maintained by Vastu so that it functions as intended and facilitates the flow of traffic in a safe and efficient manner. Here are five things that you can do to improve the prosperity and wealth of your property through proper gate.

1. Decorative water and flower pot

Decorative water and the flower pot are a beautiful way to add some life to any room. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can find the perfect one for your home. Some of the benefits of decorative water are that they add moisture to the air and help cleanse the air from toxins. They also provide an attractive focal point for any room, making it look larger and more inviting. Choose decorative pots that fit with your décor and style, but make sure they are weatherproof (if you plan on using them outdoors). And finally, be sure to plant fresh flowers in them every Spring or Summer - it will brighten up your home instantly!


2. Toran has a significance

A hanging toran is an indispensable part of Indian households, especially during festivals and celebrations. It is especially recommended to turn a toran of mango leaves, peepal leaves, or Ashok tree leaves to keep negativity at bay. Whenever the leaves dry up, replace them with new ones. Negative vibrations are absorbed by these leaves and your home is best protected from evil eyes because they absorb negative energy.


3. Lakshmi's feet Stickers 

There are a number of ways to use Lakshmi's feet symbols according to Vastu. One way is to place them in the southeast corner of your room, where the energy from the rising sun will help you achieve success. 

It is a ritual to make or stick Lakshmi feet (per) stickers at the entrance of your house in order to seek the blessings of the goddess. 

Her feet stickers can be placed at the entrance-ways into your home or office to improve prosperity and good luck. And lastly, you can wear one of her anklets as a protective amulet against negative energies.


4. Swastik is important in many ways

Making Swastik at the entrance of the house is considered auspicious, it brings luck and prosperity. Also, Swastik is an important symbol in Hinduism and it is also commonly used in home decor. Some people believe that the swastika has positive energy, and can bring good luck to a home. It's also said to be protective against evil spirits. If you're interested in putting Swastik symbols on your walls or furniture, make sure you know what you're doing! There are a few things to keep in mind when using this type of decoration: 

- Make sure the swastika is always facing south so that it's constantly receiving positive energy.

- Never put Swastik decorations near pictures of people because they may become possessed by bad spirits.

- Always take care when hanging Swastik decorations because they can be fragile if not handled correctly.


5. Make Large Entrance Door

A large entrance door is an important part of any home, and not just because it makes a statement. If your house has a larger entrance door than the other doors in the house, it is considered auspicious. A well-placed entrance allows guests to enter your home more easily and quickly, which can reduce the amount of time they spend waiting in line or standing in crowds. It also gives them a sense of prominence and importance - something that will surely make them feel at ease.

When choosing the right size for your door, keep in mind both its practicality and its aesthetics. Ideally, your door should be wide enough to allow two people to walk side by side through it without having to swing their arms too much (this is called “ bilateral symmetry”). It should also be tall enough so that you can see over it when you're standing inside the doorway - this is called “vertical symmetry”. If you live in a humid climate or have water seeping into your house from outside sources, consider installing weatherproofing or soundproofing on either side of your door as well.



The prosperity of a home can be seen by the quality and condition of its main gate. So, if you want to bring wealth and prosperity in your life, it's time to check your main gate for any hidden Vastu issues or weak spots.

To know whether there are any Vastu issues at your main gate, simply consult an expert. The article above has listed five things that you can do ahead of time so that it becomes prosperous and ensures safety of all people passing through it.

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