11 Unique options for your home decor this Diwali

Sep 13, 2022

When we hear the word India, what do you think is the first thing that comes to anyone who is or who isn’t from India? Is it, the colours? Sure… You seem a little unsure about this answer. Let me give one more try to this. What about the diversity of Culture and the millions of religions that India has? Absolutely Yes. India is a mixture of religions, castes and cultures. Every religion is a little different from each other but what is one thing we have in common? The love we have for each other and the festivals we celebrate together. 

When I think about festivals, I Don't know about you but my mind instantly calls us Diwali. Diwali is not just a Hindu festival, it’s a festival of India. Every single person celebrates it irrespective of the religion they belong to and that is the beauty of Diwali. Diwali is called the festival of Lights, colours and lots of food. But it is also the festival that brings us close to the people we love. Diwali is not just a single-day festival where we just light up our houses and burn crackers. It is a festival of bringing home happiness, prosperity and health.  

But, there is one thing that our moms love about Diwali and we for sure try avoiding it. Yes, you got it right, “Ghar ki safai” (cleaning the house). But do we understand what is the significance of a clean house during Diwali? For starters, it’s a great way to declutter and start fresh for the new year. Cleaning your house does not mean cleaning areas of the house but it also means organising things, giving away things that we don’t need to the people who need them and lastly being a good host for the guests who visit us during the festival by beautifully decorating it. Yes, the decor is part of our ‘Ghar ki safai mission. 


The decor is not easy anyway and when we add the pressure of the new year and Diwali it is supposed to be the best. Every year, every Indian household wants to do something new when it comes to the decor of their humble homes. So this year, we are here to help you decorate your homes with simple, minimalistic and beautiful options we have personally created for you. What do you say, should we jump right in? Here’s a list of Diwali decor items that we have created for you and this will help you with your home decor. 


Rangoli Stickers:


When you think about Diwali you think about colours and what says colours more than the design done with different multi colours. Yes, I am talking about Rangoli. Indian households have Rangolis both Inside and outside their home. There are different designs, sizes and ways to do Rangoli. I am sure you prefer to do the traditional rangoli with powder colours outside your door but indoors it gets a little difficult to do the traditional rangoli with powder. So we have a solution for this situation. Introducing our very new Rangoli Stickers. 



Buy Rangoli Stickers here


Serving tray



The Primary reason for decorating the house is to be a good host to the guest who comes to greet us on Diwali and what we need when the guest arrives- A serving tray. A serving tray is not just a good piece of cutlery for your kitchen but this specific serving tray with the elephant carvings can also be an additional decor piece for your centre table. Isn’t this a good bargain, achieving two things for the price of one? So are you ready to add this piece to your list of Diwali decor items for Diwali 2022? 




Buy The Serving tray here


Lord Ganesh Wall Sticker:


There is a significant story behind Lord Ganesh and Long Saraswati being alongside Lord Lakshmi during the Diwali rituals. Lord Ganesh is known as the Almighty who removes obstacles from any task and that is the reason according to Hindu tradition we always begin by praying to Lord Ganesha every single day. What better way to decorate our home than to do it with the wall art of the Lord who is going to help us grow and move forward? 


Buy the Ganesha Wall sticker here



Scented Candles


Diwali is the festival of lights and what do we need to light our homes? Candles. The fire in the candles does not just help us see better or light up the home with warm yellow lights but they also attract positive energy. To add to that we have beautifully scented candles with different kinds of fragrances that not just light up your home but also help in emitting the most beautiful fragrance to welcome the almighty and also the guests for this Diwali 2022. 


Buy Scented Candles here




Everyone loves adding plants to their homes during the Diwali season. From Tulsi to money plants every Indian household buys new plants but are we going to use those black plastic planters they come in? Yes, your house may smell fresh but what about the look? The solution to this is bringing home not just new plants but also our luxurious planters of beautiful ethnic patterns that add a hint of ethnicity to not just your living room but can also be a statement piece for your shrine. 


Buy Planters here



Wall clocks


What is the one thing we always forget to change when we are redecorating our house? Let me give you a hint we look at this particular piece at least 100 times a day but do not bother to change it. Yes, I am talking about the Time clocks we have placed in our living room and bedroom. Wall clocks are not just a piece which shows us time but also can be seen as a statement pieces did you know wall clocks when changed can change the whole look of your room? We just changed the time for you this Diwali 2022, no pun intended. 


Buy Wall Clocks here




Yes, I know platters are not ideal for home decor but they can be used as one. Our platters ooze luxury from every inch and can add an ethnic element to your dining area by being placed on top of the table. Dining rooms in our home do not need paintings but we certainly need little statement pieces that people turn to see not just once. 


Buy platters here


Large Wall photo frame


Family is the essence of any festival and especially a festival like Diwali. So what if you could add a home decor piece and also surprise your family at the same time? How you ask? By adding this large set of wall photo frames with all your family memories. What better way to celebrate Diwali than to reminisce old memories with your family and relive those moments again? 



Buy Photo Frame here



Cutlery Stand:


Enough about home decor do you also want to know if you can add a little edge to your dining area? Yes, we have the regular cutlery but what if we could stir things up and add a cutlery stand with colourful patterns on the table? 


Buy Cutlery Stand here


Wall Paper:


Diwali is known as the day for new beginnings and fresh starts so why just stop at cleaning the home? We can start with a little redecoration. Paint? Too messy. So what’s the next best thing which can liven up the room? Different patterns of wallpapers for Diwali decor. Where will you find these wallpapers? Just click the link below. 


Buy different wallpapers here



Wall hanging:


If you are into a bohemian style of decor I have the perfect piece for you. You can use this piece to hang on the door or even the wall. At the entrance or in your bedroom this room is just as versatile to use anywhere. Wall hanging with quotes to make you feel good and also something good to your eyes. 


Buy Wall hanging here


Diwali is an opportunity for a new beginning and also new things for your abode. Diwali decor is just an excuse for you to liven up your home and change it up a bit after all change is what we all need to live and grow. 


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