11 Eco-Friendly Diwali Decor Ideas For Workplace And Also House

Oct 19, 2022

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is one of the biggest festivals commemorated in India. Diwali decoration is almost all of the celebration & starts with cleaning and decorating residences the week before. It accompanies the Hindu New year and notes the success of excellence over evil and lights over darkness. Lord Rama, in addition to his other half Sita and brother Lakshmana, returned to their home in Ayodhya after eliminating the devil Ravana. To invite them with zest, individuals lit every edge of Ayodhya.

decorative diya

Since then, the festival has been celebrated with gaudy and enthusiasm. Diwali design has come to be an essential part of residences and offices. Individuals prepare desserts, exchange gifts with each other, and also delight in the festivities.

Individuals have begun commemorating the festival magnificently with the adjustment in time, which has placed a toll on the environment. Nevertheless, if all of us take a pledge to celebrate the celebration in an environmentally friendly way, we can aid the background to a great extent. This Diwali, go eco-friendly with 11 green Diwali decor concepts for home, office, and also school.

1. Decorate Earthen Diyas

Earthen diya

Diwali is an event of lights & people celebrate it by lighting their homes and offices with diyas and candles. Opt for earthen diyas this Diwali, as it is among the most effective green Diwali decoration concepts since earthen lamps are eco-friendly and economical also. Earthen diyas will reduce your electrical power consumption also. You can enhance the diyas the way you like or tint them to include a pop of shade and provide a festive touch to your office and House.

2. Usage Natural Colors for Rangoli

Rangoli with flowers

No event is complete without a Rangoli! It is a great idea to use organic rangoli shades for an eco-friendly Diwali decoration. Organic dyes are extensively readily available online and offline in stores. Alternatively, you can utilize flowers or delegates to make your Diwali. You can prepare Diwali shades using cooking area staples like white rice, turmeric extract, fennel, kumkum, and others for different colors. Below is a small pointer to get your rangoli on point- Usage rangoli patterns. These are conveniently available in various designs as well as sizes.

3. DIY Torans for Entry

Toran for entry gate

Torans are pennants that are hung on the entrance of your House. They promptly offer a festive touch to your House and your office. Nowadays, various types of Torans are available in the marketplace. Nonetheless, if you are preparing to commemorate a green Diwali, you can select Mango and coconut leaves for making your very own Toran. You can include marigold flowers in the toran to give it more shade. Both marigold flowers, as well as Mango fallen leaves, are thought pious. Thus, these are optimal for DIY torans. Additionally, you can utilize vivid paper or papers to make Torans at the office and in your home.

4. The use of plants for decoration

Pink flower in a flower pot

What could be a lot more environment-friendly than placing interior plants? On the internet, stores such as Ferns and Petals have an extensive range of indoor plants. Search for easy-to-deal plants, and do not dirt your work area or residence. Plants like cash plants, calathea, umbrella plants, and so on are suitable for apartments. Indoor plants will certainly add a fresh fragrance to your office or home and look cosmetically pleasing. Moreover, plants are perfect for Diwali gifting too.

5. Homemade Diwali Lanterns

Home-made Diwali lanters

We all crafted a lantern in our childhood days. Remember those crafts classes? Well, it's time to get your hands on what you found. Make a vivid light at your home with tinted card sheets. Crafting points at home is also the most effective way to engage your kid in festive tasks.

6. Floating Candles for Living Area

Floating candles with flower

Floating candlelights look pleasing. You can utilize drifting candles or tea light candle lights to decorate your living room. You can also make your very own drifting candle with an orange peel. Turn a squeezed lemon bottom-side-up as well as remove the white pith. Load it with oil and cotton wick with this. Your all-natural candlelight prepares to light. Position it in the vessel of water. To add some colors, you can sprinkle fresh flowers around the candlelight or include some fruits like grapes, cherries, and cranberries for a vibrant charm.

7. Bangles Candle Light Shade for Coffee Table

While cleaning your residence, you will locate vivid bangles you aren't mosting likely to put on anymore. What could be best than recycling the same pieces of bangles? You can develop a vibrant candle shade with bangles. Put adhesive on each bangle and fix them over each other, cover the bottom, get rid of an item of cardboard, and your bangle candlelight shade is ready. The bangle can easily withstand heat. Thus, you can place a tea candle inside. This DIY is best for embellishing your side or coffee tables.

8. Paper Cup Lights

The fairy lights look fantastic. However, an expensive fairy light could be rather expensive. To conserve cash and use recycled products, you can make paper mugs light in the House. You will undoubtedly need many vivid little paper glasses and a string light for a paper cup. Cut the sides of cups in outstanding form or make the awry cut, as well as insert small light bulbs into the glass. Repeat the same up until all small light bulbs are covered. You can hang this on a simple wall surface or above your bed.

9. Mason Jar Lighting for Bed Room

Mason jar lights

During this festive period, does not buy expensive decoration things like lights. Instead, produce one by using your old Mason jars. For this quick, do yourself; all you have to do is take a colored mason container and add a coil of string light. The shade of the Mason container will indeed emit the matching shade, instantly making your bedroom luminescent. You can go on as well as decorate it even more if you intend to add some more elements to it.

10. Handcrafted Coasters

set of 4 coastersBuy these coasters from here

Coasters come in convenient in countless methods. They can save the surface of your table from being dirtied and even act as a sophisticated piece of décor. Because you have vowed to go eco-friendly this Diwali, making your coaster set with eco-friendly ingredients would be excellent. You can make use of little mirrors and also grains to make them eye-catchy as well as perfect for Diwali.

11. Cinnamon Candle Stick for a wonderful Scent

cinnamon with candle

A fresh and pious aroma will undoubtedly complete your Diwali decoration. You can get crucial oils like lemon, lavender, or climbed oil, which have a pleasant scent. Or, you can cover cinnamon sticks around your candle and put them on the edge.


The event of lights is around the corner, and this is the ideal time to amp up your school, residence, and office with wacky Diwali decor. And, what ideal could be than green home and office Diwali designs?

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