How to wallpaper in corners?

Dec 20, 2022

There are a few different ways to wallpaper the corners of a room. 

The first option is to buy premade corner panels that can be easily installed. These panels come in many different designs and colors, so you can choose one that will complement your décor. 

Another option is to use fabric strips to create your corner walls. You'll need some square pieces of fabric measuring at least 120 inches by 24 inches, plus enough additional Fabric Strips for each side of the corner (12 per strip). Cut the Fabric Strips into 18-inch lengths and attach them with hot glue or adhesive tape along one edge of each square piece of fabric. Ensure the fabrics hang down evenly across both sides of the Corner Wall before continuing.

Finally, you can try using wall art as a way to add color and personality to your corners. Look for artwork that matches your décor, remove it from its frame, and fix it securely against the wall with tapestry hooks or nails about eighteen inches apart.

Putting a wallpaper length up around the inner corner

Our Wallpaper woman understands precisely how to achieve this somewhat tricky task - thanks to our instructions, you will, too. The picture will offer you a suggestion of what we mean by "inner edges." Where wall surfaces are fulfilled, they form the internal corners, i.e., the best angle is directed inwards. There will undoubtedly be inner and external corners if there are wall forecasts or ledges in an area.

Recommendation for thicker wallpapers (or for backgrounding image pros).

For thick wallpapers, the overlap in the direction of the following wall surface must be more significant, i.e., concerning 5 - 8 centimeters. Hanging the size is then continued as defined (as explained for thinner types).

How you hang the length around the inner edge relies on the type of wallpaper you use. Below, you will discover instructions for backgrounding inner edges for slim wallpapers and wide selections (e.g., vinyl).

How to tackle inner corners when using thin wallpaper:

  1. Procedure the last size again, adding a slight overlap (concerning 1 - 2 centimeters) in size, and sufficed.
  2. Currently, hang the paper as you did with the previous lengths.
  3. Press it into the corner with a sizeable wallpapering spatula (alternatively, use a long ruler).
  4. Press the overlap onto the following wall surface.

You constantly need to factor in an overlap as hardly any inner corners are straight, and if you place the size up flush to the corner, it might cause unpleasant voids.

Hang new length with an overlap

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