Premium Laptop Skins India (15.6 inch)

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Custom Laptop Skins Keep your computer fresh and in mint...


Custom Laptop Skins

Keep your computer fresh and in mint condition with our high quality, durable and beautiful custom laptop skins.


  • Easy To Install & Remove Without Leaving Any Gum Or Residue Grape ape Laptop Skins Enable You And Your Device A Unique Look Which Is Cool, Trendy & Personalised.
  • ORDER EXACT SIZE SKIN Use a tape measure to measure your screen diagonally from one corner to the other. This will give you the size of your laptop. For example a 15" laptop will measure 15" from one corner of the screen to the next. and order exact skin for your Laptop .
  • We use satin Matte Finish Over-laminate on all our Laptop Skins which further increase print life of the product along with making it water-proof. Laminate also increases thickness of skin making it tougher against scratches and other wear & tear compared to skins without lamination
  • We use best Photo Quality Printing at 1200 DPI with Eco friendly inks. It makes our Laptop Skins Printing Quality Excellent & Eco friendly.

Size and Measurement:

Laptop skin for 15.6 Inches Laptop, Compatible for Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, ASUS Laptops

The Size of Laptop Skins is fit for 17 inch Laptops. Want to stand out among all the other laptop users in your office, college or wherever you go. Now protect your laptop and make it more fashionable at the same time through stylish laptop skins which can be wrapped around the laptop to provide security for the external surface of the laptop. It doesn’t only protect your laptop from scratches from constant use and transport but also earns you some serious style points. Our laptop skins are vinyl based with an adhesive layer on the underside. The skins by PPD are easy apply or remove it as you please without thinking about any glue stains or residual marks on your laptop. A layer of lamination over high grade vinyl with most advanced printing technology helps us achieve very bright and realistic prints.

  • Specifications: Dimensions (W x H): 17 x 10 inches
  • Includes: One piece of laptop Laminated cover shield
  • Compatibility: Most Laptops with screen size 10" to 15.6" & 17"

Applying Instructions:

1. Make sure your laptop is CLEAN. Wipe it off with a soft cloth. The laptop should be free of dust, fat or grease - otherwise the laptop skin may not stick to your laptop as well as it's supposed to.
2. Take the MEASUREMENT of the applying area.
3. TRIM the exact size before applying with a blade/scissor.
4. Align the laptop skin on your laptop, take care that you put it on straight and in the exact position that you want to place it.
5. Remove ONLY ONE side of the liner from vinyl sheet, align to the applying surface and start attach them SLOWLY.
6. Proceed carefully with the use of a clean cloth and/or a plastic card (i.e. ATM card) to assure minimal/ no AIR BUBBLES remain until the liner is removed.
7. Finished just check out your laptop from front and FEEL the difference.




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