Rangoli: How to Make Easy and Simple Rangoli Design?


    Rangoli is a form of Indian folk art that is used to adorn floors, walls, and other surfaces. It is also said to bring good luck to those who see it. Traditionally drawn on the floors or entryways of homes to bring wealth and prosperity to the family and to welcome guests. In India, mothers draw Rangoli for their children each morning or on special occasions such as Diwali, Onam, and Pongal. Rangoli is passed from generation to generation as mothers teach their children how to make it.


    family making rangoli- Paper Plane Design

    Every state in India has its own method of Rangoli creation, and they're known by different names. Rangoli is known as Kolam in South India, Mandanas are drawn on the walls in Rajasthan, Alpana is drawn in Kolkata's courtyards, Rangoli is drawn on the ground in Maharashtra, Chowk Purana in Uttar Pradesh, and Aripan in Bihar are used to decorate the floor with flour and rice paste. Rangoli designs may be simple, floral, or complex.
    Rangoli Design- Paper Plane Design

    Peacocks, lotus blossoms, mangoes, and fish are some common symbols utilised in Rangoli. The most important aspect of Rangoli is colourfulness! Rangoli may be constructed on the floor, sidewalk, or house entrances. The materials used in Rangoli are easy to get at your pantry, garden, or local grocery store. You may use rice flour (either plain or coloured), lentils, and beans to lure birds and ants and make Rangoli. Rangoli must be meaningful to both guests and the smallest creatures, in addition to being lovely.

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    Rangoli design- Paper Plane Design

    Rangoli powders and flowers, rice and beans, pasta, rice powder, salt, and Rangoli tools are just a few of the materials you can use to make a Rangoli. To create perfect circle designs, you may use objects like plates, bowls, bottle tops, and bangle bracelets. Use a paintbrush tip or Q-tips to fill in the finer details.

    You can make Rangoli in a number of different ways. You may make a geometric Rangoli or a floral Rangoli, or use your imagination and follow your instincts. Wherever your inspiration leads you, you may make a Rangoli on the floor or outside your house. Give your outline a three-dimensional appearance by adding white textured powder such as rice flour, Rangoli powder, or chalk powder. Rice flour or Rangoli powder may be used to add texture to your design when it runs from the gap formed by pinching the thumb and forefinger. Choose the materials you will use to finish your design. You may use natural materials such as flowers, leaves, coloured rice, chalk, or Rangoli powder, beans, and so forth.
    Rangoli design- Paper Plane Design
    Rangoli design- Paper Plane Design
    Rangoli design- Paper Plane Design
    Rangoli design- Paper Plane Design


    Give your home decor a little personal touch by making a rangoli!

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