7 Incredible Vastu Rules to Follow While Placing Your Ganesha

The month of October is the harvest season and the time when Lord Ganesh is worshiped with great fervor. The prosperity deity is one of the most loved divine figures in India, and his devotees believe that by following the right rules, they can bring good luck and prosperity into their lives. This blog will guide you through the essential practices to be followed while installing or worshiping your favorite Ganesh idol. From choosing the right idol to placing it in the right ,direction, to observing various rules about color choice, everything will be covered in detail. So start worshiping Lord Ganesh with all your heart this Ganesh Chaturthi and reap the rewards!

1: The color of the Ganpati murti has a lot of significance

When it comes to placing a Ganpati idol, there are many rules to follow. One of the most important is the color of the idol. A green or blue Ganpati murti is said to bring good luck in business ventures. If you're placing a Ganpati near your home's east-west direction, make sure to have a space on the other side for prosperity and abundance to enter your life. Make sure the surrounding area is clean and free from any negative energy before installing your Ganpati murti. Lastly, make sure to choose wisely when it comes to the colour of your Ganesha murti. There are many shades and hues to choose from, so make sure to find the right one for you.

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2: The posture of the idol is symbolic

Ganesha is one of the most popular deities in India and around the world. He is known for his powers of prosperity, wisdom, and knowledge. There are many ways to worship and placate Ganesha, but one of the most important things to do is to keep his energy positive and healthy. To do this, follow these seven Vastu rules: The posture of the idol is symbolic. The two main positions for the idol are seated with your legs closed, or standing with both legs stretched outwards. Always keep your Ganesha in a posture of abundance and good fortune. Place the idols near doors and windows so that they can bring good luck into your home!

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3: Notice the direction of the trunk

Ganesha is one of the most popular deities in the Hindu pantheon, and for good reason- his powers are vast and Vastu-related rules to follow while placing him in your home are essential. One of the most important is to place votive candles around the statue to help activate its power. Make sure the statue is facing in the direction of east or west-northwest for best results. Keep the base of the statue clean and free from clutter- this will help keep him energized and attract prosperity into your home! When placing your Ganesh, be sure to place him in a favorable direction- either eastern or western, depending on your home's vadha (direction). Lastly, place a small bowl of water near the statue's feet to keep him from getting lost.

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4: Pay attention to the little details

As devotees of Ganesha, it is our duty to place him in the best possible conditions. Follow these 7 incredible Vastu rules to place your statue with great luck. Pay attention to the little details, like positioning him near an open door to ensure good travel and communication, and keeping doors and windows closed to prevent negative energies from entering. If you have a small shrine, place him in the center. And of course, follow these guidelines to place your statue with great luck: make offerings of ghee, sugar, rice, flower garlands (jasmine or marigold are especially auspicious), fruits, and water every day until he's relocated.

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5: Place it facing the right direction

When it comes to decorating your home, there is no room for error. That's why it's important to follow the seven incredible Vastu rules when placing your Ganesha. Be sure to orient it so that its face is facing east or south, whichever corresponds with your sign. Additionally, place it next to an object of significance  like a picture or statue of Ganesh for added protection and power. If you're feeling extra ambitious, try to place your Ganesha in the right direction for good luck. And if you ever make any changes to your home, always consult an astrologer first to ensure everything goes according to plan!

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6: How many idols should you have?

When it comes to the placement of Ganesh idols, there are a few key rules to keep in mind. One of the most important is to keep an eye out for doors and windowsills that would be good places to place an idol - this will bring positive energy into those spaces. Additionally, make sure there are at least six of them around him or her. Furthermore, place Ganesh's idols in different areas of your home to create balance and prosperity. You can also use small statues of Ganesh throughout your home to promote wealth, health, and happiness! Finally, place plants or other offerings in front of him to promote good health and well-being throughout your home!

7: Where should you not place it?

When decorating your home for the festive season, it is important to remember the god of prosperity, Ganesha. Follow these 7 incredible Vastu rules to help place him in the best possible spot. Firstly, choose a place where you will regularly be able to see him. Make sure the base of your Ganesha is level so that he does not wobble or fall over. Next, place your Ganesh statue where it will not attract negative energy or obstruct natural light. Avoid areas of high traffic and busy places, as these are not conducive to his divine presence. Finally, place Ganesha in an easily accessible spot where you can see and admire him/her regularly. Happy decorating!

Benefits of worshiping Lord Ganesha

Worshiping Lord Ganesha is a great way to improve your prosperity and health. He is one of the most popular gods in Hinduism and there are many benefits to worshipping him. Some of the benefits of worshiping Lord Ganesha are that he is known for his wisdom, which can help you with your problems. Additionally, worshipping Lord Ganesha helps improve your overall prosperity and health. You can pray to him for guidance or protection in your life. Additionally, Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and the giver of boons. So, whether you're a newcomer to Hinduism or you're a long-time devotee, worshipping Lord Ganesha is a good thing to do!

Which type of Ganesha idol is good for home?

When it comes to placing a Ganesha idol in your home, there are a variety of options to choose from. If you're looking for something that will rid your home of negative energy, the yakshi form is perfect. If you're looking for a Ganesha idol that's good for home, the Sevakaprastha (student) form is popular. If you want something more classic, the garuda (eagle) form is a great choice. Each type of idol has its benefits and should be used according to its specific purpose. For example, the seated Ganeshas promote strength and power, while the standing ones bring good luck and prosperity during sleep time. So, whether you're looking for a Ganesha idol for prosperity or to rid your home of negative energy, there's a perfect form for you!

Which Ganesha idol is good for home entrance?

When it comes to selecting the right Ganesha idol for home entrance, there are several factors to consider. For security reasons, the monkey may be a better option for young children or pets. The turtle is beneficial for luck with money matters and health care issues, while the elephant is considered strong and protective. The west-facing doorway should be used to welcome guests and priests into your home, and the Ganesha idol of your choice should be placed in the north-facing entrance. If you're looking for an auspicious idol to place in your home, the turtle is a good choice.

Which colour Ganesha idol is good for home?

No home is complete without a statue of Ganesha. But which colour is Ganesha's idol good for you? As long as it's auspicious, you can place any colour idol in your home. To determine the right colour, consult a Vastu expert or look up the color on Google maps. If you have pets, make sure to placate them before installation by using her favorite food or toy. Avoid placing your Ganesha near windows as they can increase solar energy levels in the home and cause chaos. Finally, make sure to decorate your home with Traditional Indian art and accessories to make a statement.

Vastu directions for Ganesha placement

No room is complete without the lord of luck, Ganesha! Follow these Vastu rules to place him in the best possible way and enjoy his presence in your home: 

-Place Ganesha in an area where the doors and windows lead into the room, and face east or south. This will help him to bring good luck into the room. 

-The fire element should be avoided near him since it can bring bad luck, so place him away from open flames. 

-If you're having a party, place Ganesha in the corner furthest from the entrance where guests will have to pass by him on their way out. 

-Make sure there is plenty of wood around Ganesha to symbolize strength and stability. 

-Finally, make sure you perform regular Ganesh puja (worship) ceremonies to keep him healthy and prosperous. 

-If possible, place him near a window or door to allow natural light into the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Ganesh's idols?

There are many benefits of Ganesh's idols, which include: business prosperity, good luck, health, and wealth. Here are 7 Vastu rules to follow when installing or using a Ganesh idol: 

  1. Place the idol in an auspicious place like the east or south part of the room to get maximum benefits. Ensure that it is placed in an area where you will be constantly using it. 
  2. By installing a Ganesh idol in your home or office, you can ward off negativity and bring good luck into your life.
  3. Ganesh's idols improve luck, prosperity, and health.
  4. They have been placed in many places such as homes, offices, hospitals, etc., to bring positive vibes and blessings.
  5. To get the most out of your Ganesh idol placement, make sure you follow these 7 Vastu rules: keep the idol clean, maintain a calm and harmonious atmosphere in the room where it is installed, and do not place any heavy items on top of it, place it away from drafts and windows, keep the idol covered during daytime and purify it at night with water and ghee/clarified butter.

How do I choose which one to buy?

When it comes to choosing the Ganesha you want to buy, it's best to start with a smaller Ganesha and grow into bigger ones. This way, you can make sure that you're getting a Ganesha that's right for your needs and budget. Additionally, if you're looking for a Ganesha that will have a long-term placement, then go for an immovable Ganesha like the Nandi. However, if you're looking for a Ganesha that will be used temporarily during festivals or prayers, then choose a movable Ganesha that can bring prosperity and good luck.

Which type of Ganesha idol would be best for my house?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the right Ganesha idol for your home. It all depends on what you want in your life and how you plan on honoring Ganesha in your home. However, some things that you may want to consider include:

- An idol of Ganesha in the form of a statue, idol, or image.

- Add water vessels such as jugs, cups, or vases for abundance and prosperity.

- Place images or symbols related to work, study, or wealth near the idol.

- Make an altar for spiritual ceremonies and place objects such as incense and grains there.

- Choose a Ganesha idol that resonates with your energy and spirit. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to Ganesha idols!

Which type of Ganesha idol is good for home?

If you are looking for an auspicious deity who will increase prosperity and peace in your life, then lord Ganesh with his rat head is a perfect choice. He is also a powerful god who can bring success in business endeavors. Another good god to choose for your home Ganesha idol is the one who has a human head with four arms. This god can bring success in all areas of your life, such as health, wealth, and relationships. If you want to place a Ganesha idol in your home, then choose an elephant-headed god because they are considered peaceful and good for all kinds of affairs.

What are the different types of Ganesha idols?

There are three main types of Ganesha idols- standing, sitting, and reclining. It's important to choose the right type of idol according to your needs as they come in different sizes and shapes. For example, if you want a Ganesha idol that stands on an altar or window sill, then choose a standing idol. If you would like the idol to sit on a chair or bed, then go for a sitting idol. And if you would like to have the Ganesha idol recline, then choose a reclining idol.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Ganpati idol worshipper, these 7 incredible Vastu rules will help you place your idol in the perfect direction to achieve prosperity, good health, and happiness. Whether you're looking for tips on home decor or just want to know the best place to place your idol, we've got you covered! Don't forget to check back for more helpful tips and advice on worshipping Lord Ganesha.

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