25 Easy Rangoli Design Ideas for Diwali

Elevate your hands if you have actually been waiting for Diwali as much as we do! With the cheery day just nearby, it's time to begin prepping up with Diyas, crackers and Rangolis! In several households, it's a ritual to decorate the entry of a house with carpets of Rangoli layouts for Diwali!

This colourful practice was originally started to memorialize the triumph of excellence against evil. It is additionally related to Siren Lakshmi, who can honour you with a wide range. Based on Indian ideas, a well-decorated entrance with bright Rangolis is a welcoming factor permanently luck as well as success. So, this Diwali, unleash your imagination by taking some ideas from these imaginative Rangoli patterns!

easy rangoli design ideas

Relevance of Rangoli for Diwali:

According to the Hindu Dharma, placing Rangoli on important days of the year is advantageous. Specifically, on Diwali, which notes the homecoming of Lord Rama after a triumphant battle versus Ravana, these patterns signify hope and also joy! In different parts of India, these art types are recognized by other names like "Kolam", "Muggulu", "Kolangal", "Alpana" etc; Deepavali designs are mostly concentrated on a balanced selection of colours and motifs to bring in the festive spirits.

Latest Diwali Rangoli Layouts 2022 with Pictures:

This year, make an outstanding statement in your area by checking out one of these eye-catching Deepavali Muggulu:

1. Easy Diya (Deepam) Rangoli Layout-- Happy Diwali:

Easy Diya (Deepam) Rangoli Layout-- Pleased Diwali

This is a really straightforward rangoli that can be attracted during Diwali as it features a Diya as the main attraction. Begin with the Diya and then draw the blossoms and also leaves outside. Oppositely fill colours. In this design, the pink, eco-friendly and also yellow colours stand apart as well as offer an aesthetic touch. After filling out the pink in the centre, write "Pleased Diwali" with yellow for contrast. This rangoli layout has actually been trending recently as well as entails really little hand-turning skills as it does not include drawing freehand patterns. It is based on placing large dots in the called-for model initially and afterwards moving the chalk powder in a specific direction with your fingertips to make the design. Begin with the Diya and also plot the dots with colour according to the number as well as a plan of the blossoms. Relocate the colour outwards with your fingertips for the blossoms. The pattern of the fallen leaves can be made with a stick. This coming Diwali, charm your visitors with this easy yet vibrant rangoli.

2. Stunning Rangoli (Muggu) with Diya's:

Stunning Rangoli (Muggu) with Diya's

It is an effortless yet classy rangoli layout for beginners. It includes a straightforward flower pulled in the centre with rounded flowers and mango concepts. The emphasis of this design is the striking comparison between the colours utilized. The shielding in the external fallen leaves and also the checkered blossom pattern adds a stylish touch to the rangoli layout. It is appropriate for any kind of festival and is personalized accordingly. For instance, embellish it with diyas and also flower for Sankranthi during Diwali. This layout looks complicated yet feels confident, once you get the hang of it, you will certainly like the compliments streaming your way.

3. Colourful Rangoli Layout For Beginners:

easy rangoli idea for begginer

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This rangoli design attributes 2 interlocking floral patterns with mango themes and also dots and lines. Initially, attract the description of the mango motifs as well as the floral pattern. Colour them from inside to outdoors. The colours shading the flower in this rangoli are the highlight. After that darken the centre of the mango with black lines as well as place the pink dots bordering it. End up the style by shading it with chalk powder as required. It can be drawn on any type of celebration and even delicately before your doorstep.

4. Eye-catching Floral Rangoli Style:

Eye-catching Floral Rangoli Style

This is a colourful and lively rangoli design including blossoms plainly. Start with the straightforward blossom in the centre and after that draw illustrations of the blossoms on five sides to ensure appropriate proportion. After that complete the interfering voids between the flowers with the checkered style. Start filling out colours from the inside. This style is exceptionally striking because of the number of contrasting colours used in the blossoms and the distinctive different patterns in between. It is suitable for any advantageous occasion like family ceremonies or wedding events. The next time you have a household gathering at your house, thrill everyone by making this rangoli at your front door.

5. 4 Square Diya Rangoli:

square rangoli for diwali

This is a simple yet lovely traditional artwork, where a lovely vibrantly coloured flower design has made use of a checkered four-square base. The alternating plan of the shades stands for the yin as well as the yang of life. Balance has a significant role to play in this sophisticated design. The history shades are contrasted well with orange and also red shades for the Diya as well as flower patterns.

6. The Eight Mango Kolam:

Eight Mango Kolam rangoli

 This is a freehand Rangoli style, which makes use of traditional mango concepts. Initially, a circle set is pulled in the centre, bordered by eight mango patterns. These stand for the 8 Lakshmi's or the AshtaLaksmi of Hindu mythology. The use of colours as well as outlining inside elevates this simple pattern to a brand-new level. Diyas are additionally placed purposefully for a brighter appearance.

7. The Mandala Rangoli:

Mandala Rangoli design

If you are fond of Mandala art, this layout is a must-try! The easy yet stunning layout can be created utilizing chalk powder. First, the epicentre is developed to use circles positioned at equivalent distances from each various other. Each of them is loaded with various geometric patterns, as shown. Around them comes a huge flower with 10 petals. Making use of white colour, a mesh-like pattern is drawn inside each flower. Finally, lamps are put on the edges for an aesthetic result.

8. The Rainbow Rangoli Designs for Diwali:

Rainbow Rangoli Designs for Diwali

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This masterpiece is a perfect marriage of symmetry as well as colours. It is likewise among the most trending Diwali Muggulu layouts, as it is quite straightforward to make. First, a base circle is reeled in the centre, where a collection of colourful petals are attracted, and intertwined with each other. This framework is sustained by a collection of circles in different colours. The empty space is full of white chalk powder to make the pigmented powders bulge.

9. The Divine Flower Kolam:

Divine kolam design

The major purpose of a Rangoli is to channel your internal power through curves, lines and bright colours. Seen below is one such special layout for your prayer space. It can be done by making use of a freehand illustration, utilizing a set of symmetrical circles. The Mandara design art has a spiritual ambience, achieved by the internal patterns developed in each round. Intense blossoms at the end finish this pattern and also hold your precious lights.

10. Sankar Bharati Layout for Diwali:

Sankar Bharati Layout for Diwali

If you have ever visited the state of Maharashtra, you might have read about the art of Sanskar Bharati Rangoli. This special strategy uses the fingers, usually three or 5 of your hand, to create elegant, artistic patterns. A basic sketch is first made on the ground, into which colour powders are sprinkled evenly. Using fingers or perhaps tools like pends, 3D effects are developed as shown. Lastly, white powder is utilized to bring the main element right into emphasis.

11. Abstract Elegance:

Abstract rangoli design

Florals are always in pattern, and this one is an evergreen tradition! The hibiscus flower is given a colourful twist by expanding the number of flowers external and also loading them up. It is an eclectic mix of different light and dark tones to represent the lows and highs of human life. You can select to maintain the light in the centre or the corners.

12. The Edge Rangoli Layout:

half circle rangoli for corners


This semicircle Rangoli is an exceptional suggestion if you have a round-shaped hall or room and desire to highlight one certain location. It is a combination of the conventional chalk powder Kolam, addition to the ultramodern flower layouts. Placeholders are provided for the lights inside the pattern. You can use a selection of flowers to make it look brighter and also extra lovely.

13. Kundan Readymade Rangoli:

Kundan Readymade Rangoli

If you prefer some side styles for your Rangoli centrepiece, check out these Kundan-based, readymade Rangoli items. These are offered in several online shops, where you can choose a pattern and purchase them as a set. These items can be prepared to produce one-of-a-kind layouts depending on your creative thinking. They can later be saved for future usage.

14. Dhana Lakshmi Rangoli:

Dhana Lakshmi Rangoli

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This Diwali, invite the Goddess of riches with this conventional pattern. The image of two white elephants showering tons of wide range right into the Kalasa represents the access of Dhana Lakshmi right into your residence. The whole sketch is made on a Lotus design, which is the residence of the Devi. Words "Shubh" and "Laabh", suggesting "Auspiciousness" and also "Perks" are etched on either side to fit the event.

15. Round Rangoli Pattern:

Round Rangoli design

Illuminate your entry with this wonderful Diya as well as Floral around Rangoli. It is very straightforward to make this set utilizing a base of colourful chalk mat. Use natural tones of maroon to create a round shape, as revealed. Now utilizing white chalk powder, create stunning patterns as well as specify the borders of the circles. You can position a large Diya in the centre and also a tiny one along the perimeter.

16. Easy Decorative Rangoli:

Easy rangoli design

If you are a novice to Rangolis, this beginner-level pattern can help you. Using a chalk piece, attract the body of a peacock. Simply load it with coloured powder equally in various blocks of the style. Now fill up a catsup bottle with white chalk powder as well as squeeze lightly to create those dots on the boundary. Press the facility with your finger for flatness. You can clarify the layouts even more by including several components.

17. Contemporary Diwali Rangoli:

 contemporary rangoli design

Consider this layout, a contemporary take on the standard Rangoli. The option of shades and appearances offers a unique effect on the eyes of the beholder. The basic building and construction of the Rangoli stay the same. Nonetheless, it is the outside dental filling that adds charm. Shaded colour powders are included thick layers, on which fingers are made use of to produce wave patterns. You can also attempt different tools, like gelato sticks, spoons, and so on, to improvise the designs.

18. The Diwali Mor Rangoli:

Diwali Mor rangoli design

Right here is a little spin on the story of your traditional Peacock design! The ingenious design uses the motif of "Mor" in the form of colours as well as patterns. A huge flower style is created, inside which information is filled to appear like the "eyes" of a peacock plume. A Diya layout has attracted the facility, and all the boundaries are highlighted in white. Lastly, an intricately done circle completes this figure.

19. Diwali Diya Rangoli

Diwali Diya Rangoli" Delighted Diwali"

Have a look at this simple yet strikingly attractive Rangoli pattern. The colourful effect instantly grabs the attention of observers. It stays true to the spirit of Diwali, using a Diya as the main concept. A "Diya" is drawn to add to the enthusiasm of the festival day. Putting gorgeous earthen lamps adds to the beauty!

20. Elegant Freehand Rangoli Design:

Elegant Freehand Rangoli Design

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Right here is one more lovely layout you can develop in your home without much ado. First, take chalk as well as delineate the basic outline. Develop the mango concept and also draw the two floral patterns on top and also base. Now, load colours that are intense and bold. Adding flourishes on either side can make it look much more rather.

21. Diwali Themed Rangoli Design:

Diwali themed rangoli

Decorate your home with this special Diwali kolam layout and also achieve great deals of gratitude from your family and friends. The heart-shaped Diyas and also the 'Satisfied Diwali' desire perfectly established the mood for the event. As it is a sensibly large pattern, you can do it for your office events to thrill the crowd. You can additionally utilize this concept and also produce less complex patterns that please the eye!

22. Colourful Floral Rangoli Style:

flower rangoli for diwali

This terrific Diwali flower Rangoli style on the flooring of your living room can absolutely make your festival a lot more rejuvenating and delightful. The style contains blossoms, flowers and also leaves. However, you can select your colours and also give them a newer appearance. It is very easy to attract the overview with a chalk piece and after that decorate it with various tones. Use gold glimmer to add a shiny appearance.

23. Pookalam Rangoli For Diwali:

Pookalam Rangoli For Diwali

A brand-new Rangoli style for the Deepawali festival that is completely made from flower petals. The Kerala-style Pookalam principle is encompassed by Diwali too. The flowers are chosen very carefully to match the spirit of the celebration, while the layout is developed so nicely that it makes the celebration extra joyous. Adding Diyas to the facility and crucial areas of the development can glorify it additionally.

24. Om Diwali Rangoli Style:

OM rangoli for diwali

This intense, as well as vibrant rangoli, is perfect for a spiritual celebration with the Sanskrit 'Om' at its centre. "Om" is an auspicious sign of Hindu religious beliefs that symbolizes the universal name of magnificent power. Utilizing this as your central idea, you can develop it better by creating a round mandala-shaped style around it. Load it with various patterns to match the spirit of the festival.

25. The Ganesha Rangoli Layout:

The Ganesha Rangoli

Can you think of any type of unique celebration without Lord Ganesha? Of course not! The elephant God is a barrier remover and also the Lord of clean slates. So, this year, if you wish to embark on a brand-new life journey, please him with this lovely pattern. Make use of the face on the appropriate side and also develop a semi-circular design to represent his true blessings.

Tips and Tricks for Diwali Rangoli Designs:

If you are sceptical regarding just how to proceed with your joyful Kolam, after that adhere to these very easy hacks:

- First, evaluate the location in which you prepare to make the Rangoli. Depending upon the size, you need to pick the ideal style.

- For exteriors, select a big pattern, ideally in round forms, for larger as well as better coverage.

- If you are not an expert with chalk powder, use a chalk item or a stencil to produce the outline. Load it with colours and utilize white powder to highlight the borders.

- You can also use smart tools like cones, moulds, CDs, bangles or other do-it-yourself stuff for sharp patterns. However, they benefit from smaller layouts just.

- Flower petals are a wonderful substitute for artificial, unsafe colours. So, if you are an environmentally aware individual, follow this idea.

- And remember constantly to begin your pattern inside out, instead of the contrary, as it can prevent stepping on your layout.

- Develop boundary styles like climbers, blossoms or simple lines to note the limits.


Do not these Rangoli styles for Diwali look amazing? This year, don't go for anything ordinary! Make your event special by recreating these fascinating patterns in your house. Do play with the colour tastes buds and also explore various shielding methods to create impressive effects. If you have actually developed something extra intriguing, let us know! That understands, your job might obtain included the next year?

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